About Us

Mission (reason for being)

our mission is to catalyze fulfilling hemp experiences.

We cultivate a holistic smoking experience through personalized, neo-artisanal pieces that are imbued with intentions of spiritual pursuit.

We’ve found that an accessible relationship can be developed with the plant; one that fosters personal growth and interpersonal unity. To help facilitate that relationship, we create pieces that are connected with the spiritual nature of the plant. The piece may become a cornerstone in your smoking ritual.

We have ambitious goals to guide and inform experiences, though we are a brand, not an institution. We recognize that we are each somewhere along our own journey, and each path is individual. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (wink) and seek to make our contribution as accessible for our audience as possible!

Vision (future aspirations)

our vision is to be a major kinetic force in the progressive shift of the hemp culture.

We see a deep change swelling in the collective consciousness and seek to make an accelerating contribution. Individuals are increasingly aware of their own sentience: of their bodies, their habits, their relationships, their environments, etc. For many, hemp is and can be a conduit for cultivating such development.

The plant has a special place within our societies: it presents an opportunity for facilitating new perspectives, modes of being, and loving kindness for all.

To achieve this, we seek to develop/curate/share an accessible model for conscious hemp consumption. This will manifest in the design & presentation of our products, content, and future services beyond.

We will use our experience & resources gained from this venture to make a continuously larger impact on the quality of life for all on this planet.

Team (who we are)

The company was founded and bootstrapped in 2019 by the Brooklynite team of Justin, Bryan, & James, who saw a gap in the market for pieces that reflected a contemporary mindful lifestyle.